The WSL Ving Tsun Chinese Boxing Club Brunswick was founded by Enzo Verratti in 1999. Enzo has been an active practitioner of Ving Tsun since 1979 training in Hong Kong with Wong Shun Leung and in Australia with David Peterson. Enzo is also a member of the Wong Shun Leung Students Association, the Australian Martial Arts Industry Association, a Nationally Accredited Coach with Boxing Australia (Boxing Victoria) and the Australian Wushu Kung Fu Association. Enzo has also trained in Judo, Karate, Boxing & Kickboxing & has acquired practical experience through working in the security industry.


Ving Tsun is not about belt ranks and certificates, there are no secrets. Only hard work will develop the ability and tools to progress to a high level of skill and proficiency. Ving Tsun, as taught by the late Wong Shun Leung, adheres to three simple principles. Simple, Direct and Efficient. Ving Tsun is a practical skill, not an art.

Traditionally, Ving Tsun training is based around learning basic skills, forms and partner drills, the wall bag, wooden dummy and weapons. Chi Sau training forms the basis for which these skills are practiced and tested. The Ving Tsun Athletic Development Program which we use as a teaching model has been designed to provide the framework for the Simple, Direct and Efficient progression of skill in an inclusive, positive, and safe atmosphere from a beginner to a senior level.


The WSL Ving Tsun Chinese Boxing Club Brunswick operates with the sole purpose of continuing the teachings of the late Wong Shun Leung in an inclusive, positive, and safe atmosphere. If this sounds like something that you would like to be a part of, then please feel free to contact us and book in for a free trial.



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